Seattle End-of-Life & Threshold Doula

Helping clients achieve a sense of purpose and meaning in the years they have lived.

Seattle End-of-Life & Threshold Doula

Helping clients achieve a sense of purpose and meaning in the years they have lived.

In times of grief and loss, there is a threshold we must pass over.

Whether we are ready or not, it demands of us to pay attention, to ask hard questions, and to redefine how we are living. I help individuals and families who are experiencing grief and loss to discover new ways to navigate the great unknown with connection, clarity of purpose, and heart. This is your legacy.

Hi, I'm Colleen

Colleen J. Hewes DC, MSN, RN

I'm an East Coast native and Seattle transplant. My career focuses on Geriatrics and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. I was introduced to hospice while working in community health and a seed was planted. Experiencing my mother's care in a hospice in the early 90s I witnessed the compassion, ritual, and sacred bathing of her body. The compassionate care she received led me to devote my life to walking others home as an end-of-life doula.

My passion is finding the meaning and purpose of a life lived. I work with clients through Best 3 Months, Life Review, and Legacy Tools.

Birth and Death are the bookends of life.

Your Best 3 Months: A visionary care plan for your end-of-life.

When you have a chronic or terminal illness it can be hard to feel ownership of how you live your days. My Vision Mapping process with the Best Life Care Plan provides in depth assessment and intention setting so we can co-create a plan that allow for new ways of being.

I am here to support and advocate for your wishes and needs. What will be most important to you? What priorities, wishes and dreams would you want to focus on if you had 3 months to live? Who will you want to help you fulfill your Best Life Care Plan? This holistic care goes beyond an advance directive. You will feel more completion and fulfillment.

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Life Review & Legacy Projects

Life Review and legacy projects explore the highs and lows of one's life. Asking, how well did I live? What did I accomplish? and how have I impacted others? I offer consulting and guidance on life review and legacy projects.

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Personalized Rituals

Ritual plays an important role in times of grief and loss. It can help us release emotions, find new understanding, and create closure. I help clients create unique and deeply personal rituals for themselves or with loved ones to provide the space they need for healing.

Begin the conversation with a free consultation.

Let's explore what will be most important to you, your wants and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

"The Best 3 Months Planning work I did with Colleen was transformational for my approach to end-of-life planning. Colleen takes her clients by the hand to navigate very personal and sacred decisions based on what matters most to them, what they value, and wish for at their end-of-life. Her work is well structured and gave me the opportunity to think about things that hadn't crossed my mind."


"Colleen's expertise with end-of-life planning for my mother was beyond valuable. She helped me prepare for that difficult conversation."


"There were so many things I had not considered when working with Colleen on my Best 3 Months vision planning. We covered emotional, spiritual, and physical areas giving me a clearer vision of what I want at the end of life. I found great value in doing this while healthy."


"The truth is.... once you learn how to die, you learn how to live."

- Morrie Schwartz from Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Living well and dying well: What does it mean to you?